Thirt Dutch International Chainsaw Carving Contest at Vaassen

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Chainsaw Carving
Chainsaw Carving is a popular form of art in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, and since a view years in Holland where it is practiced by dozens of professional artists. Chainsaw Carving starts with a length of bulky tree trunk, a couple feet long, which is then transformed over the course of several hours or days into a splendid statue of a bird, a boar, or some other sculpture. Also, all carving is done exclusively with a chainsaw. Therefore, participants usually bring an array of chainsaws, with blades varying in size from 8 inch up to 5 feet. In the last few years Chainsaw Carving has become ever more popular in the Netherlands.
At 19, 20, 21 and 22 September 2013 will take the contest place in the centre of Vaassen, where the participants must create a sculpture out of a log provided to them, in three day’s time. These days will show different techniques being applied by each participant. You will be amazed to watch how the artists manage to bring alive the most beautiful creations, minutely detailed with their monster machines. Words cannot describe the quality and beauty of this form of art, so we invite you to visit our photo gallery and see what sculptures have already been made by the artists at our last two big event in 2007 and 2010.
The thirt Dutch international chainsawcarving event will welcome contesters from the USA, England, Wales, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Equador, India, Australia, Russia and Germany.
In connection with the high number of accessions for Fansacarving is the register closed.

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Speed Carving
Contrary to the three days contest, where participants have enough time to carve a statue out of their log, speed carving is a separate contest where artists get only 30 minutes to complete their statue. In this contest pieces of wood literally and figuratively come flying around. Chainsaws will be hacked into the wood at full force to create the most beautiful work in the shortest time. Statues from the speed carving contest will be judged by the public. The winner of this contest will take home a money prize and of course a large trophy.
In connection with the high number of accessions for Fansacarving is the register closed.

Amateur contest
Beside the professional international contest, there will also be an amateur contest. Here, everyone working professionally with chainsaws can take up the challenge to transform a log of wood into a pretty statue. Participation will only be allowed to people who can handle a chainsaw, and who know how to use it safely. Participants must wear protective clothing (saw trousers, helmet, safety glasses, chainsaw shoes). There is a limit of 30 participants for the amateur contest.

The contest is in the village Vaassen on the Veluwe, Hollands biggist wood and naturepark. And next to the Cannenburgh Castle: See and

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